Sobering Issues – Modesty – No Greater Joy Ministries

Sobering Issues – Modesty – No Greater Joy Ministries.


One thought on “Sobering Issues – Modesty – No Greater Joy Ministries

  1. I had a concern. In the article on modesty, you seem to indicate that ALL men have this issue. Yes, all (well, most) men are attracted to women, and many of those men are visual, but not all struggle the way you say.
    I am all for modesty. I love my husband and am loved by him. We are very open with each other, even about our failures. I have asked him about how these other women effect him, but he has never had the experience as you describe it. He has told me he notices the girls and their desire for attention, but he won’t give them a second look. He said that in his heart he desires to please God, and when he sees women that are dressed immodestly, it makes him sad for them. Is there ever a time when a Christian man can move beyond this?? Are they always walking around craving every skin bearing slut they see?
    This thought bothers me greatly. Yes, I long to be my husband’s only desire. I suppose that is a fantasy?
    What is the point in marrying a man if he will never be satisfied with the woman he’s married. If he is walking around terrified of what he may see, and what he will do if he does, is there not something wrong with him? How do we as wives have any chance?
    The world gets darker and the people more brazen, is there any hope for faithful husbands?
    It makes me want to encourage my own daughters to not desire a relationship because you will only be hurt. The man (apparently) can’t or won’t stop desiring every female form he sees, and as you get older and the young girls bare their bodies and your husband is a goner.
    Either your statement of men is not all inclusive, or my husband is lying to me, which I find harder to believe because of what I know about him.
    Anyway, I hardly know how to think about all of this.

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